Friday, June 22, 2007

Why another blog?

I tend to spend most of my waking hours dealing with technical subjects - those pieces of knowledge and information that pay for my toys. This blog is solely for cataloging my snare drum collection and a place to muse about drums, drumming and cymbals (when I am not wasting bandwidth at Cymbalholics).

I'll start posting my snare drum pictures and descriptions here over the coming days.


Texray1 said...

Incredible snares! Especially that Worldmax. I like using the 20 strand blasters. You use 16 strands on yours. What difference does it make to your ears? Just curious and trying to absorb as much as I can.

Mike Tarrani said...

I am not sure there is any significant difference between what you have and what I use. I stumbled across 16-strand Puresounds, liked them so much that I haven't experimented with many other aftermarket snares.