Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vaughncraft 4.5x14 maple

Ludwig & Ludwig "tribute" snare drum by Tim McKenzie - the brass single-flange hoops were the only hoops I had laying around at the time.

Vaughncraft 5.5x14 mahogany

Built by by Tim McKenzie with shaped maple hoops by Stellar.

Craviotto 5.5x14 Unlimited

Steambent maple. Amazing snare drum that has Johnny Craviotto's personal touch:

Pearl 50th Anniversary 5.5x14

Steambent shell, gold plated fittings, etc. a beautiful snare drum. It came with a velvet bag, gold plated drum key and letter of authenticity.

Slingerland "Frankendrum""

Slingerland SBP Top Hat & Cane wrap 7x14 This is a frankendrum. I am not sure who made the shell, but the throw and butt are later Slingerland, and it has a Radio King muffler. It sounds damn nice, which is why I've hung on to it.

A few pearls

DW Classic 5.5x14 solid shell (I am guessing Johnny Craviotto supplied it), with COB stickchoppers that came standard - it's from the Buddy Rich kit.

Nashville Snare Drum Company 5x14 10-ply Keller Maple shell with Legend lugs, generic throw, etc.

Tama Stagestar 5x13(came with my Stagestar FX kit.)

Gretsch Catalina 5x14 in Rustic Pearl that came with my Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz kit

No Name Japanese Slingerland Clone 5x14in BDP - the seller threw this in with my 1961 Slingerland Jet Kit. Free, so cannot complain. OK sounding at best.

6.5x14 Slingerland Copper

6.5x14 Pearl Brass Sensitone, Special 2004 NAMM Edition

5.5x14 Leedy Shelly Manne COB

Rogers Dynasonic

5.5x14 Rogers Dynasonic

More Metal Snare Drums

While I prefer wood snare drums, I have somehow managed to acquire a lot of metal ones too:

4x14 Worldmax Pup

5x14 Worldmax Dawg

6.5x14 Pork Pie BoB

Some Ludwig Metal

6.5x14 Hammered Bronze Supra

5x14 1966 Supersensitive

5x14 Brass Edition

5x14 Hammered Ludalloy Supra

Rhythm King 6x14 Walnut & Zebrawood segment shell

Slingerland clone lugs and a Gladstone-style throw. Nice snare drum, but gets little use these days.

Vaughncraft Rosewood 4.5x14

Steambent shell with Ludwig & Ludwig badge (another tribute drum). Modern piccolo throw and adjustable butt. Built by Tim McKenzie. Triple flange hoops have been since replaced with COB stickchoppers.

Vaughncraft Myrtle steambent

Champagne lugs and stealth (Gladstone-style) throwoff. Originally built by Tim McKenzie for Rob Richard (who runs Handi Drummed - a site for disabled drummers).

Cherry Segment 5x14

Global Percussion Shell with Dunnett R-Class throw and Worldmax COB single flange hoops. This snare drum sings!

Ludwig Exotic (Sapele Pommele) 5x14

From the Exotic series with the oval Monroe badge. I upgraded her with COB single-flanged hoops and a P86 Throw.

Ludwig Jazz Festival

Pre-serial badge, 5x14 in NOB with a WMP wrap. This baby lives up to her reputation as a "must-have" snare drum.

Salt & Pepper - two Barrett Deems Models

A white WFL Barrett Deems 5.5x14 and a black Ludwig Transition Badge Barrett Deems 5.5.x14:

In Praise of Student Models

I love vintage American student snare drums, which are amazing for brush playing and shuffles.

Gretsch 6-Lugger. Nice sounding (used it yesterday live), with snare beds deeper than the grand canyon. This model does not have a muffler (never did), but did come with the shell mounted key holder and key.

Slingerland 8-lugger. I love the sound of this one. I purchased her from W. Lee Vinson, percussionist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (see his collection!).

Ludwig Pioneer Concert Model. Not much playing time on this one, but I did spend an hour with her and she sounds amazing. Deep, throaty and very nice with brushes.

Leedy Shelly Manne Model (wood)

I also have the COB version. I got this one with a Pearl throwoff on it. I plugged the extra holes, and purchased the correct throwoff, but she still needs some work. The shell, for example, is slightly oversized, requiring Aquarian American Vintage heads. I normally don't attempt to restore of modify vintage snare drums, but I may sand this one down and refinish it or have it wrapped in BDP. With the new, correct throw I only have around $200 in it, so may take the chance ... no hurry. As she sits she has a fat sound that is great for backbeats - think Al Jackson jr. with a wallet on the head. Not my sound, but ... here she is:

Home made snare drum

5.5x14 Keller Vintage Mahogany with new Leedy 3-point throw & extended butt and COB stickchoppers.

Notice the tall reinforcement rings Keller uses. They wreak havoc with drilling.

Magnesium Radio King Clone

6x14 magnesium with Radio King parts and a modern Leedy 3-point throw and butt. Made by Tim McKenzie

Leedy & Ludwig - my favorite snare drum bar none!

La Fica, the name I have given the best snare drum I own. This is a Leedy & Ludwig that I acquired with every intention of doing some touch up to remove the 141 that has been scratched into the shell, as well as finish over the scars. When I got it she had so much mojo I dared not touch it, so warts and all, this is the love of my life and the one snare drum that cured my obsession with collecting snare drums. She makes everything else I own redundant, and I doubt I will be in a hurry to buy any more snare drums.

Ludwig & Ludwig Clone

5.5x14 Keller Vintage Maple Shell with some old parts I had laying around (including a P83 throw and P32 butt, baseball bat muffler, and old badge.) I used modern Worldmax TU100 tube lugs and Worldmax COB single-flanged hoops and clips. Done in BDP.

Leedy & Ludwig Clone

6.5x14 Keller Vintage Mahogany Shell in BDP with salvaged Leedy & Ludwig parts and a new Leedy three Point throw and extended butt.

Leedy Clone

Salvaged lugs, badge, muffler and hoops on a 6.5x14 Vaughncraft steambent Mahogany Shell. New Leedy three-pojnt throw and Leedy extended butt.

Radio King Clone

7x14 Vaughncraft Cherry solid shell. Amazing snare drum, outfitted with replica beavertails, a new Leedy three point throw and extended butt, and a Radio King badge I picked up.

Two solid shell snare drums by Bowie Custom Drum

Craftsmanship by Kevin Smee of Bowie Custom Drum
5.5x14 steambent rosewood shell (by Vaughncraft, of course)
double 45 degree bearing edges with slight roundover
Ludwig P86 throw and P33 butt
Top hoop is a COB from a Jazz Festival snare drum and the bottom is a COS triple flange
German steel snare wires

5.5x14 Vaughncraft olive ash shell
Double 45 bearing edges
Hardware: Trick throw/butt, generic lugs, Rogers tallboy hoops, and other miscellaneous stuff laying around.