Friday, November 20, 2009

5.5x14 Makore Veneer by Epiarch

5.5x14 quilted makore veneer over a 10 ply maple snare shell with all brass hardware. This beauty was made for me by Epiarch Drums. My original design was to use a Ludwig P-86B strainer and P-33B butt, but Ludwig was so seriously backordered at the time that - after three months wait - I had them go ahead and use a brass S-9 style strainer and companion die cast brass butt. Jesse Lizer, owner of Epiarch, was a dream to deal with and his work is first rate as you can see. Soundwise this snare drum ranks up there with my top end wood snare drums, and I was especially surprised by how good he made a ply shell snare drum sound.

Like all of my custom snare drums this one has Puresound 16-strand snares, and like most of my snare drums (custom and off-the-shelf) it has single flanged hoops. There is an interesting story behind how I got this drum in the first place.

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