Friday, November 20, 2009

6.5x14 Ludwig Satinwood Snare Drum

Special Edition Ludwig snare drum with a satinwood finish over Ludwig's standard maple shell. Outfitted with Ludwig's tube lugs, P-86 strainer and [in the photo] die cast hoops. Since this picture was taken I've gotten rid of the die cast hoops (which I think kill drums, and especially wood drums) and replaced them with COB "stickchopper" style single flange hoops. Note: the photos show the oval special edition badge, but not shown is the Monroe, NC keystone badge that is also affixed to the shell. And, yes, it sounds as good as it looks!


Julian said...

Hi Mike,

I love your page. You have some beautiful snares there!

I'm a vocalist with a studio. I play guitar, bass and some drums. I have a few snares: Ludwig Acrolite; Remo Picolo and I recently got hold of a "Boston" steel shell snare while picking up a Yamaha kit.
The thing is, I was going to sell the snare with my old kit, but for some reason I really like it. I believe it's suposed to be a cheap snare, but it has no annoying ring (like my Ludwig!) and it has a nice funky crack to it - although a little brittle sounding.
What do you think? Do I keep it???
Are Boston snares all terrible.. or did they make some good ones?

Anyway, your page is excellent and most inspiring! Beautiful snares indeed.

All the best, Julian

Mike Tarrani said...

Julian - if it sounds good it is a keeper. Sound is all that matters, not a badge, price tag, or new vs. vintage. Trust your ears!