Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ludwig Maple with Waterfall Bubinga Finish

This 6.5" x 14" beauty came with all brass hardware - P86B throw, P33 butt and brass tube lugs. As received it had brass die cast hoops, which I personally think kills a snare drum (or any drum for that matter). I upgraded the hoops to COB single-flanged style, with brass clips. Here she is in all her upgraded splendor:

The shells are 9-ply, 6mm and are composed of maple, with the outside ply in African waterfall Bubinga. The outside ply is from Steinway's private reserve stock and is beautiful.

As a side note, I also upgraded the batter head to a Remo Fiberskyn, which adds a touch of warmth as well as imparts a vintage look (as does the Monroe badge).

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Ben Arnold said...


This is one gorgeous drum. I am a big fan of the hoops! I am building two snares right now that have similar hoops. Thanks for checking in on my page, I read yours every chance I get.