Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few pearls

DW Classic 5.5x14 solid shell (I am guessing Johnny Craviotto supplied it), with COB stickchoppers that came standard - it's from the Buddy Rich kit.

Nashville Snare Drum Company 5x14 10-ply Keller Maple shell with Legend lugs, generic throw, etc.

Tama Stagestar 5x13(came with my Stagestar FX kit.)

Gretsch Catalina 5x14 in Rustic Pearl that came with my Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz kit

No Name Japanese Slingerland Clone 5x14in BDP - the seller threw this in with my 1961 Slingerland Jet Kit. Free, so cannot complain. OK sounding at best.

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