Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1920's Barry Drum Manufacturing Co.

This Barry snare drum popped up with a $99.00 Buy It Now and I reacted quickly. No real specifics yet, but when it arrives I'll update this post.


Lee said...

Awesome! I looked and looked for one of these for a long time. I had a Barry Folding bass drum w/ case a few years ago, perfect heads, a really great cool drum. I played it out a few times and kept it at home in the studio, but then sold it to another guy who had a Barry snare.
Congrats! The quality in the barry stuff is amazing imho.

Mike Tarrani said...

Thanks Lee. I feel fortunate to have gotten it. It should be here tomorrow and I will post pictures and a review. Quite a treasure!

rhoadsmusi said...

I just bought the exact same Barry snare drum today. It needs new heads and needs cleaned up but it's complete. If anyone is interested in it I'll sell it for $300.00 plus shipping. email me or call at 717-361-9272.