Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Portable Practice for Hotel Rooms

In my Woodshedding post I listed a number of instructional books that I recommend. While researching a way to load up my favorite technical reference books for my day job - IT consultant - I was strongly considering Amazon's Kindle DX ebook reader. For my purposes it is the ideal solution.

On a lark I decided to see if there were any ebooks that would also support hotel drum practicing that a road warrior could use. Much to my delight there are:

Add in Rhythm Tech Lap Top Practice Snare Drum and you are set to get in a few hours of woodshedding regardless of where you happen to be.

It gets better - you can carry Guide to Vintage Drums with you to garage sales and music stores to aid in identifying bargains that show up on craigslist, or, if you want to take a break from technical research (as in my case), an ebook like The Great Jazz Drummers could be a welcome diversion.

UPDATE: You can actually have Snare Drum Addict delivered to a Kindle reader.

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