Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slingerland 6.5x14 Copper Snare Drum

This drum is from the Music-Yo era that is usually associated with the nadir of the Slingerland brand. However, some of the snare drums from this era, and particularly this copper model, are excellent and represent a great value if you come across one.

The Zoomatic strainer has always been the weak link on any Slingerland snare drum from any era in my opinion. However, the one on this particular snare drum works well. I did disassemble it to clean and lubricate it, which accounts for the problem-free operation it gives me.

The drum itself sounds wood-like. This quality comes from the relatively thin, copper shell. It also has a fairly wide tuning range - a surprise - and is one of the better snare drums I have for brushwork.

Because it has a deep shell and because of the thin, copper construction, it is well suited for low volume venues. Controlling the dynamic range, particularly in the PPP to F range, poses no problem with 7A sticks.

I've gotten the best results with the resonant head tuned high and the batter medium. If you tension the snare wires low this snare drum makes buzz rolls and shuffles sound amazing. The wires will go to medium tension before they choke, so it is probably not the best choice for heavy backbeat music.

I have had this snare drum for a few years, but rediscovered it today when I was looking for another snare drum. It is now set up on my kit as the snare drum in rotation for this week. Sometimes owning 60 snare drums can be a curse as well as a blessing because you can often overlook a gem. I can assure you it will get a workout this week.


Bill Lynch said...

I just ran across your evaluation about this drum, and I looking at one now to purchase. What would you value a drum like this?
Thank you,

Mike Tarrani said...

At one time they were selling for less than a hundred bucks, but have become scarce. If you can grab one for up to three hundred dollars you would be getting a wonderful sounding snare drum.

John Frondelli said...

I've owned on of these fantastic snare drums for several years. I hunted on down on eBay, after not pulling the trigger on MusicYo when they were REAL cheap. It was NOS for $180. For me, it is absolutely on of THE BEST rock snare drums I've ever played. Big and thick, with a dry edge to it, and nice crack. Mine is outfitted with Emperor X batter, Ambassador snare-side, and Dynamicx 20-strand wires. Serious stuff! You can hear it right here: