Friday, March 12, 2010

Storing and Protecting Supersensitive Snare Drums

A frequent question is, which cases are available for Ludwig Super Sensitive snare drums?. Sadly, Ludwig does not sell one (or one that I know of anyway.) I've tried the Ludwig "UFO" case, and it does not work. One that does work well for the 5x14" model is the SKB 5 X 15 Square Snare Case with Padded Interior.

A few things to note: the 15" sides are needed because the snare guards on the Super Sensitive protrude, and the drum needs to be placed in the case with the guards facing the corners. Also, it is imperative that the case have padding. Super Sensitives are, well, super sensitive and the slightest jarring will knock them out of adjustment. Ideally the case should be 5.5" tall for Super Sensitives made from 1969 on because the snare guards on those models extend downward, increasing the height of the snare drum. However, the SKB 5 X 15 Square Snare Case has sufficient depth in the top half of the case where it will still secure the snare drum without needing to be fully seated.

Also note that on the product page I linked the photo of the case is incorrect. A round case is depicted - the actual case looks like this:

The case will fit both the pre-1969 Super Sensitives and the ones made from 1969 on. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion because it will protect your investment.

If you have a Super Sensitive and are having problems adjusting it check out my entry about Adjusting Ludwig Supersensitive Snare Drums.


Santa Claus said...

What about a 6.5" deep SS? Thanks!

Mike said...

I just ordered an Impact snare drum square case for a 6.5'' x 14'' super sensitive vintage black beauty.

I think this will do the trick. I have not received it yet but other than order a very expensive custom drum I believe this is the best option out there. I have had lots of people try to sell me lots of other cases but they all had some flaw (no padding, not deep enough etc)

Ludwig should really make some high end hard cases (like the ones they include with the anniverserary drums etc) for both super sensitive and supraphonic.