Monday, May 28, 2012

A few great examples of brushwork

I was going to follow up to my last two posts about brushes, Giving the brush off (Part 1) and Part 2, but decided that so many posts about brush models would make some folks puke. Instead, I am going to post a few video clips of what I consider to be great brushwork to inspire those who want to improve, as well as to possibly pique the interest of those who may otherwise think they are passe implements.

If you want particulars on who and where of each performance contact me.

Cool stuff? I think so. Each of those clips has inspired me. However, they can be intimidating too. And, I will admit that many drummers who visit here could not care less about jazz.

This next clip is not slick, nor does it contain a compelling example of brush playing. What it does show, though, is how they work with blues and blues-oriented rock (early Rolling Stones in this example).

That is me on the right with brushes. The drummer on the left with the sticks also has a jazz background, so we were able to work together without stepping on each other. This was recorded outside with the only mic being the one built into the camcorder - and you can still hear the brushes. Voila! Real world example.

Credits: Stingray's on Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL on April 13, 2011. Video shot by Thomas Colella III. Left to Right: Sam Church (guitar), Ryan Ribeiro (drums), Joe Pappalardo (bass), Donna Sweeney (vocals), Mike Tarrani (drums), Kane Miller (guitar)

Enjoy. In my next post I will provide even more brush models and my thoughts. Hopefully this post will show why I love playing them.

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