Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Quick Tips (tempos and dynamics)

Ed Soph has a series of quick tips, all of which are pure gold and a few of which are essential for any drummer. While the examples are jazz-oriented, they can be adapted to any genre, and especially blues.

Tip - Tempo Control:

Tip - Ride Technique:

Tip - Up Tempo Ride Technique:

Reinforcing Examples. The following are examples from real life (and famous performances) that reinforce the above lessons. First is Max Roach backing Clifford Brown on Cherokee. Max maintains full control over the tempo, which is pretty fast, and his playing also exemplifies ride technique, especially at extremely fast tempos:

Another outstanding example of tempo control and ride cymbal technique is contained in this clip of Tony Williams backing Miles Davis. Tony's ride technique is simply amazing at any tempo, and here he manages to maintain a very fast tempo on the ride without dragging or rushing.

There is enough here to study, digest and incorporate. Tomorrow I'll continue with more quick tips.


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