Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An innovation in ... hardware bags!

Something as simple as a hardware bag is the last place you would expect to find innovation, but Stagg has managed to do just that. Their SPSB SET 5 Professional Hardware Carry Bag is, in my opinion, a godsend for protecting expensive hardware.

This bag was designed to hold three cymbal stands, a hi-hat and snare stand. The innovation is each stand gets its own pocket to protect the chrome instead of rattling around inside a bag or case and chipping or marring the finish.

While the design will protect those hardware pieces, you will still need a bag for your throne, bass drum pedal and any ancillary gear and parts you carry. In my case I hand carry in my throne and use a Gibraltar single pedal bag for my pedal and spare parts. You may already have that covered if your pedal came with a bag or case. Another option is a smaller bag for the rest of the gear. I use a Beato Pro 3 25 inch bag for everything else. For me, that bag is ideal, and should work for you - especially if you have a lot of other gear and a double-pedal. Put your high-end stands in the Stagg pocketed bag and the other gear in the Beato one.

Most of my hardware is from the DW 6700 flush stands series, which is pricey. This bag protects them beautifully.

If you are using high-end (i.e., expensive) stands this bag will protect them better than any other bag I have seen. You could individually wrap each of your stands in towels before putting them in a standard hardware bag, and save the price of this bag, but that is going to increase your set up and tear down time.

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Paul @ WCH Drums said...

Awesome bag...great write-up! Thanks Mike.