Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bubinga Veneer kit by Raven Drums

Dan von Gartzen of Raven Drums in Oviedo, Florida built this kit for me from Keller maple VSS 8-ply shells. He did an amazing job with the bubinga veneer (one of his specialties is veneering).

Specs: 8-ply Keller maple shells with bubinga veneer
Bass drums (I have the option of bop or jazz sizes) 14x18 and 12x20 (the shallower 12x20 is very boomy!)
Toms: standard 8x12 and 14x14
Snare drum [not shown] I had a solid, stave shell bubinga snare drum made in by Unix Canada for this kit: 6.5x14. I have since sold the snare drum, using whatever strikes my fancy when I set up the kit these days (it's not like I don't have a few from which to choose!)

I opted for Champagne lugs and wanted wood hoops, and also used the Dunnett Rail Mount as the tom mounting system. That mount is pretty versatile, and can also be used to transform a floor tom into a small bass drum.

With the 12x120 bass drum:

Another view:

Close up of the grain on the bubinga:

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