Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Quick Q&A

I've posted the fact that I've updated this blog on a few forums, and have gotten a few questions that I'll answer here:

Q. What? No Acrolites?
A. Shhhh! Acrolites are the best kept secret among drummers who know great sounding snare drums. The truth is I have had four in the past two years and wound up selling them. Why? First, I have a gaggle of Ludwig Supraphonics that render them redundant. Second, I have way too many metal snare drums as it is, and wood snare drums are my favorite.

Q. Do you actually play them?
A. With the exception of the Pearl 50th Anniversary model, all of them get played. They go into a rotation. Some stay in rotation longer than others, but all get played. The Pearl I mentioned has special heads that I want to keep as pristine as possible. I could change the head to something like a coated Ambassador, but there is also the issue of the 24K gold plated hardware that would probably wear quickly if handled.

Q. Why don't you have [fill in your favorite brand] snare drums.
A. My two favorite modern brands are Ludwig and Pearl. I've tried most other modern brands (but not every model) and they just don't seem to have the same mojo. Also, I prefer either vintage or custom made snare drums - amply represented in my collection - and see no real reason to acquire everything. These days I am more focused on custom made snare drums from steam bent shells.

Q. Most of your custom made snare drums have only 8 lugs. Why?
A. As far as I am concerned all a snare drum needs is 8 lugs. Also, I like the ease of tuning and the more open sound I get from an 8 lug snare drum compared to 10 lugs.

Q. What is with all of the old fashioned hoops?
A. I like open sounding snare drums and those hoops give me the sound I want.

Q. Are any for sale?
A. The only sacred snare snare drum is the Leedy & Ludwig I named "La Fica".

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