Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1930s Leedy Broadway Parallel 6.5x14

I traded my recently acquired Barry Snare Drum for what is probably my best metal snare drum: a 6.5x14 1930s Leedy Broadway Parallel model.

This is one heavy, great sounding snare drum that is made from the same heavy, two-piece shell as the coveted Ludwig Black Beauty (Leedy apparently sourced these shells from Ludwig.)

The person with whom I traded is a collector, but interestingly, his percussionist daughter has quite a collection of Barry snare drums, so the one I traded is going to a good home. I believe we are both happy with the deal. I was never going to play the Barry because it had original heads that I did not want to mar, but this Leedy is definitely a snare drum I will play (and have more than a few hours on her already.)

It came with the original cable snare assembly, but I also received a set of specially made Puresound wires that I can swap in for a more modern sound. I like it as is, though, so will set the Puresounds aside. It also came with a weathered and beaten original bag, but as ratty as it looks, that is the drum's home. I will be getting a hard case to store the drum inside the original bag.

Showing the Puresound Snare Wires next to the cable snares

Original Bag

Cable End Piece Detail


Brian said...

I own this same model drum but it is all parts and shell are nickel plated. Was the shell on yours powder coated? Also what model Puresound wires are those?
Thanks, B

Mike Tarrani said...

Brian - the shell is white enamel, which was a standard finish for the era. The previous owner had Puresound custom make the extra snare wires for it.