Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Drum Resources

The best (in my opinion) vintage drum resource in the web is Vintage Drum Guide. Also Vintage Drum Forum, which is a forum dedicated to vintage drum collectors. It's axiomatic that one bookmarks Not So Modern Drummer. Another good source is the Vintage topic area on DFO, which has some real experts, among them Mike Curotto, Bun E. Carlos and others.

Of course, these two books are essential for anyone interested in vintage drums:

  1. Mike Curotto's Vintage Snare Drums - The Curotto Collection: Volume 1: Rare American-Made 1900s to 1940s
  2. John Aldridge's Guide to Vintage Drums. Also check out John's engraving services (he does Ludwig's special edition engraving)
For folks who are collecting a specific brand or brands, these books are excellent resources:

Ludwig: The Ludwig Book - A Business History and Dating Guide Book and The Making of a Drum Company: The Autobiography of William E. Ludwig II. Also check out History of The Ludwig Drum Company for purely historical information about the company.
Rogers: The Rogers Book
Slingerland: The Slingerland Book
Leedy: The Complete History Of The Leedy Drum Company
Gretsch: Gretsch Drums: The Legacy of That Great Gretsch Sound

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