Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Kent Snare Drum

I traded a cymbal for this excellent example of a second tier American snare drum - a Kent from the E. W. Kent Manufacturing Company of Kenmore, New York. This one has the single tension lugs and crappy throw, but also has original heads and snares. The finish is stunning and called Bombay Mahogany. I need to swap out the plastic-sounding heads for something else because I consider seriously playing it, but for a collector I think it was a nice catch getting one in such pristine and original condition:


Paul T said...

Did you lacquer up this finish? It looks more glossy than others. I like it!

Also, did you find that Remo heads fit using this hoops?

Mike Tarrani said...

Remo heads fit it and it was as I received it. I have long since sold it.

Paul T said...

My percussion teacher from when I was kid gave this same exact snare to me a few days ago. I'm trying to decide if it's better to put good quality lugs, snare strainer, hoops and heads on it or if it's better to just clean it up and let it be what it always was.

I've restored a bunch of old Ludwig drums like this and made them better than they were meant to be, but they aren't stock anymore that's for sure! ha ha

Any thoughts?

Mike Tarrani said...

Personally, I would clean it up and leave it stock. Since the value is relatively low, it's not a sin to modify and upgrade it if you do not like the vintage sound (or the hardware), but start with the heads and tuning, then see if it has a sound you like. From there, have a ball :)

Paul T said...

Agreed! Thanks for your help.